Typology Resources

by ianfjay

For anyone interested in learning more about typology (specifically that of Myers-Briggs), or just a greater knowledge on the MBTI types in general, here I have compiled a short list of the sources I consider most valuable. If you have any of your own suggestions to add, or any questions, be sure to leave a comment.


EJArendee: An ESTP giving his unique insight into personality typing theory.

NFGeeks: Hosted by Dr.Mike, an ENFP, explores different facets of typology, in the form of a YouTube talk show – has been somewhat inactive during recent months, but has an abundance of videos to last you quite a while.

Penny Thoughts: Created by an INTJ, gives short, concise descriptions of the types, and MBTI. Penny Thoughts no longer creates new videos, but the old ones are defintely worth checking out.

Enfj Discussions: This one is for the ENFJs, hosted by one of our own called Daniel. Very informative, and helps ENFJs feel less alone in their mannerisms – be on the lookout for new videos.


The Personality Page: Looks somewhat visually dated, but gives great information for newcomers to MBTI theory, and some insightful knowledge for ‘veterans’.

CelebrityTypes: Gives the percieved types of famous people, based purely off Jung typology. Has some interesting articles from time to time, however I would like to mention that I don’t believe all of their typing to be accurate, but most of it is quite good.

Oddly Developed Types: Gives some humorous explanations of the types, as well as various articles on how they work, and different aspects of each type. E.G. The main types of ENFJ death hugs.

Online Communities

Facebook Groups: There are a plethora of different Facebook groups that can be found by searching a type. (E.G. ENFJ, INTJ, etc) Many of these groups have active members who participate in conversation, which is often times quite enjoyable. However, be warned that there are also many trolls on these pages, who enjoy making others frustrated.

Personality Cafe: Uses a dated forum website, but has many many members, and even more posts – a goldmine of opinions and knowledge, which are often times quite informative. However, as above mentioned beware of trolls, and also that not everyone is the type they consider themselves, and that if you attempt to generalise on the Cafe forums, people will flame you for it. (even though the purpose of personality typing is to generalise people to find a common ground)

NFGeeks Facebook Group: Not only does Dr.Mike of NFGeeks post videos, but he also manages a Facebook group for viewers of the channel. With weekly activities like ‘Meme Night’, and ‘Question Dr.Mike’, this one is sure to keep you entertained, and help you connect with other MBTI enthusiasts. Incidentally, there are a lot less trolls due to the monitoring of Dr.Mike, and the entire NFGeeks community is much more open and warm than some of the other communities out there.