Participants Needed: Handwriting & Personality Type Study

by ianfjay

I’ve decided to conduct another study, but this time on the correlation between handwriting and personality type!

I’ll be needing as many participants as possible, so everyone is welcome to join in – it’ll be a community effort!

Each applicant will need to write and then submit to me (preferably scanned) their submission in the following format:

“I wonder what my handwriting says about my personality. (write type here)”

The format with my own submission.

Requirements and Information:

  • Participants must provide a clear and quality image of their handwriting in the required format
  • Submission must be written on white paper, with pen
  • This is an informal study, independently run
  • Each submission will be anonymous
  • Some submissions may be displayed and highlighted

You can email your submission to me at, or post elsewhere if you were linked here externally.

I’ll publish the study once I have enough results, so let’s get writing!