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Male ENFP Interview

Finally, the male ENFP interview!


Ask the ENFJ: Sensor and Intuitive Relationships

A new ask the ENFJ video.

Also, next week will be the first ENFP interview!

Ask the ENFJ: Favourite Type

I answer the first question for the new ‘Ask The Type’ segment, and videos are now in wide screen!

Female INFJ Interview

Hey everyone!

Last week I completely forgot to post the latest interview, so here it is!

I’m aiming to have the next video up by tonight, if not it will be out tomorrow.

INFJ & INFP Discussion: INFX Thoughts

Aiden and Page share some of their thoughts on being INFXs.

ENFJ & INFP Discussion: Contrasting Types

Ianfjay returns with a video between Ian and Aiden, thanks for the suggestion Eva Flores!

Absence Update

Hey everyone,

I recently finished my final exams, and have been using my time to recover and refresh my mind.

Surprisingly, despite my lack of recent content, I’ve been receiving more followers than ever before!

I am soon hoping to record a bunch of new videos, and am currently working on the handwriting study I posted about a while back.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

– Ian

Male INFP Interview

Aiden, an INFP, is interviewed in the newest addition to the series!

ENFJ & INTP Discussion: Contrasting Types

Myself (ENFJ) and Jackson (INTP) discuss some of our thoughts on each others types. Such as our differences in Thinking and Feeling, and how we are alike in intuition.

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ENFJ & INFJ Discussion: Contrasting Types

Ian, an ENFJ, and Page, an INFJ, discuss the similarities and differences between their types!

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