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INFJ & INFP Discussion: INFX Thoughts

Aiden and Page share some of their thoughts on being INFXs.


ENFJ & INFP Discussion: Contrasting Types

Ianfjay returns with a video between Ian and Aiden, thanks for the suggestion Eva Flores!

ENFJ & INTP Discussion: Contrasting Types

Myself (ENFJ) and Jackson (INTP) discuss some of our thoughts on each others types. Such as our differences in Thinking and Feeling, and how we are alike in intuition.

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ENFJ & INFJ Discussion: Contrasting Types

Ian, an ENFJ, and Page, an INFJ, discuss the similarities and differences between their types!

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INTJ & INFJ Discussion: Rarity

Anet, an INTJ, and Page, an INFJ, discuss their thoughts on being rare types and how that effects them socially.

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INTJ & INTP Discussion: People

Anet, an INTJ, and Jackson, an INTP, discuss their thoughts on people and socializing.

Every few videos or so I will be taking a short detour from the interviews to upload a discussion between two types.

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